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Hydration Program

Alkaline Water for Our Seniors!
Here at Glen Park we strive to give our residents quality health options. We search for proven health research to make sure we provide each resident with a healthy living environment.
The best water for our residents has the ability to hydrate at the cellular level, balance the body’s pH, Increase blood oxygenation, and provide protection against free radicals by being a source of more powerful antioxidants. The best source of that water flows from our Kangen® ionized water generators used freely by every one of our residents.
In fact, most seniors don’t drink enough water. With the SAD (Standard American Diet) a lot of us are consuming alarming amounts of processed foods, soft drinks, refined sugars and other convenience items. Unfortunately for a lot of seniors, about the only time they drink water is to swallow their medicine. To be properly hydrated, our cells need an ongoing supply of water to help speed repair and help reduce the buildup of lactic acid. This is particularly important as we age. If your body is not hydrated at the cellular level, your health and well-being will suffer. For our seniors, drinking Kangen Water ® is an excellent source of improved hydration.


Sydney Smith

Shortly after losing my husband, I found myself fearing a knee replacement. Being a nurse for over 37 years, I’d seen far too many cases of knee replacements and I knew this was where this was headed. In addition to the knee pain, I had suffered for about 20 years with swelling of my feet. Once I made the change and switched to alkaline water, the pain in my knee decreased and the swelling of my feed subsided! Ultimately, I gave God the glory for my healing and believe He leads us to things like water to help us out. In addition to the benefits of the water for my knee and feet, I’ve noticed an amazing increase in my energy level.

Christina Ramie

Hi! My name is Christina and I have been on the alkaline water since the end of January 2010. I had severe migraine headaches and after only one month, I am happy to report they are gone! I also suffered from carpal tunnel and I don’t have any more pain there either! My energy level is through the roof and I thank God every day for this water! Also, many thanks to Dr. Herb who made this all possible! Give this water a try. It WILL change your life.

Calvin Wright

I am an 85 year old retired minister. Over the last 22 years I have had 2 heart attacks and bypass surgery. I was also diagnosed with diabetes and congestive heart failure and asthma. My doctors have had me on several blood pressure medicines, insulin shots for the diabetes and Lasix for fluid retention. I started drinking Kangen water about three months ago. During these first three months, I have lowered my insulin dosage, been able to stop taking all but one (out of three) blood pressure medication and stopped taking the Lasix and my asthma has been a lot better. Drinking the Kangen water is the only change I have made in the last three months. This has been a blessing for me.