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Fatima Bustos – Choy, PhD


Fatima Bustos – Choy, PhD

Dr. Bustos offers our residents at Glen Park an effective program called BEST – Brain and Education System Training. This provides principles, practices, and protocols that bring about health and wellness at the physical, emotional, energetic, cognitive and spiritual levels. Through various exercises, residents experience improvement in their flexibility, strength, balance, memory, concentration, interpersonal relation, executive functions, decision making, problem solving, creativity, and self-confidence.

Fatima Bustos-­‐Choy, PhD is owner & head master of Body & Brain Holistic Wellness, Yoga & Meditation Center. Dr. Bustos-­Choy embodies her life-­‐long on personal empowerment and spirituality by delivering integrative and holistic approaches for people to live healthy, happy, and meaningful lives. Dr. Bustos-­‐Choy is also founder of Gaia Flow Consulting, a leadership & organizational development consultancy. Ms. Bustos-­‐Choy brings a unique blend of corporate experiences in various leadership roles working with executives and business units and several years of studying with spiritual teachers, in the hope of finding balance & integration between material and spiritual dimensions of life.

At Body & Brain, Dr. Bustos-­‐Choy uses BEST, Brain Education System Training – a comprehensive system based on 10,000 year-­‐old Korean teachings integrated with neuroscience brain-­‐based on research. In her practice, Dr. Bustos-­‐Choy helps people achieve better physical health & wellbeing, emotional balance & stability, enhanced cognitive & learning functions and heightened mental awareness and mindfulness. She is a spiritual guide to people who are looking to make profound and sustainable lifestyle changes: physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally, and spiritually. The principles and practices she teaches are part of her lived experiences giving sincerity and authenticity to her work.

Prior to opening Body & Brain Holistic Wellness, Dr. Bustos-­‐Choy had extensive experiences in various leadership positions, working with CEOs and management. Her clients include: Los Angeles Best Babies Network, Los Angeles Children’s Planning Council, LEAP, Inc. (Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics), North East Valley Health Corporation, The Aerospace Corporation, Philippine National Oil Company, San Diego Municipal Credit Union, SIPA (Search To Involve Pilipino Americans), Girls and Gangs, Watson Pharmaceutical Company. Through her consulting work with LEAP, Inc. and affiliation with Richard Chang Associates, Dr. Bustos-­‐Choy has designed and facilitated leadership development programs for IBM Corporation, Raytheon Corporation, Merck Pharmaceutical Company, Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company, Wells Fargo, Rockwell International, Time Warner, & Nortel Corp. At the heart of Dr. Bustso-­‐Choy’s mission is to help people achieve their dreams and highest potential. Service, commitment to client’s success and focus on integrative, holistic work guide her life and work. She has presented at various national conferences. She lives with her family in Glendale, CA.

For questions about the BEST Program, please inquire with the facility or the Head Master:


Fatima Bustos­‐Choy, PhD
Owner & Head Master
Body & Brain Holistic Wellness Center
1054 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91506
Tel: 818-­‐846-­‐8888

BEST Program Sessions:

Glen Park at Glendale – Mariposa St.

Glen Park at Valley Village