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Dr. Annette Kroes, PhD

Annette-Kroes-02Dr. Kroes is our house psychologist and has her PHD in Clinical Psychology. She has been working with patients at our facility for many years and has an expertise in the elderly, developmentally delayed individuals and the severely mentally ill. She has an extensive history treating patients in board and care and in skilled care nursing facilities for 20 years.

Dr. Kroes sees our residents on a regular basis and has established an excellent rapport with the patients and staff members. We are pleased to have her as a member of our team. She is a welcome site for the patients and a dedicated professional who gives her full attention to our residents and their particular needs. She focuses on creating a healthy environment and bond with our residents, utilizing supportive interactions and cognitive-behavioral therapy to promote satisfactory adjustment to facility life style, to maintain general quality of life and to increase opportunity for maintaining mood stability, reducing depression and retaining productivity. She also assists in everyday problem solving and advocacy to reduce anxiety to foster a sense of self-efficacy in her patients.