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Lila Brooks Turns 103!


Glen Park at Glendale-Mariposa St. recently celebrated their oldest resident’s birthday. Lila Brooks turned 103 years young! A crusader for wildlife, also know as, “The Coyote Lady” had her birthday celebration at our Mariposa community, and several media outlets such as KTLA5 were there to capture the moments.

Here’s a link to the video: http://ktla.com/2016/02/19/lifelong-defender-of-socal-wildlife-lila-brooks-aka-the-coyote-lady-turns-103/

No New Year’s Resolutions? No Problem

2016-new-year“New Year, New Me” right?
Every year millions of people decide to change their lives on the first day of the year, but how many people actually follow through with the set goals?
If you don’t have any resolutions planned for 2016, worry no more. Here are 4 reasons new year resolutions are not usually successful:
1. Should or Want
Most of the time, people set goals they think they should be doing for the new year and don’t really think about if that’s what they really want. If there is no motivation behind the goal, it will most likely not last more than a few weeks into January.
2. January 1st is Not a Good Day To Start
People are too tired from the night before on January 1st to actually get up and ‘follow their dreams.’ All people want to do is sleep, eat and repeat. If you have any goals that you truly want to pursue and achieve, any day of the year is a good day to start. You shouldn’t wait for January 1st!
3. The Bar is Too High
Another reason many resolutions fail to be met is because the expectations people set for themselves are unrealistic. Goals like, “I want to lose 10 pounds in a week” or “I want to save a lot of money” are unrealistic and vague. Instead write a schedule of exercise for each week and follow the schedule. Write what percentage of your paycheck you intend to save each month and things that you can cut back on spending.
4. Life Happens
It’s almost impossible to hold yourself to promises every year, to reinvent yourself or to even plan your life. Why? Because you don’t have control of everything, nor you can predict what will happen. Life is short; if you are not happy with your life, change it today, don’t wait for the new year.

Happy 2016!
-Dalar M.

January 2016 Newsletters

Happy Holidays!
Glen Park Healthy Living would like to wish all of our readers a joyous and Merry Christmas and a Happy and wonderful New Year 2016!
Enjoy our facilities’ January 2016 newsletter issue.

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